Freight-Match was developed FOR the logistics industry by people FROM the logistics industry for manufacturers, carriers, LTL / FTL cargo and vehicle transport brokers to easily connect. By utilizing our online platform you will save time and money by no longer relying only on spreadsheets, fax machines and telephones to conduct your business. Freight-Match is offering more automation for the freight transport industry. We are bringing increased efficiency to cargo transportation by allowing customers to manage resources in real time. A very important thing to know is that Freight-Match is NOT a reverse auction site, but a site geared towards B2B operations.

If you are a carrier on Freight-Match, you are able to post your trucks availability and search for LTL / FTL cargo or vehicles with a simple search. You will get detailed information about the cargo available such as: origin, destination, cargo description, ship date, company or shipper name and phone number. You will have the ability to contact the shipper by phone, email or via system message to request more information on the cargo.

If you are a manufacturer, LTL / FTL freight broker or vehicle transport broker Freight-Match, you are able to post your cargo and search for available carriers. Simply review the routes your cargo is on and see which carrier is available. There you will find the carriers location, direction and estimated time of departure. You will be able to contact the carrier by phone, email or via system message, to request a pickup.

And of course All members of Freight-Match will have access to the details of the company or carrier you are doing business with, such as: contact information, equipment and insurance (for carriers), ICC MC number, references, and much more. We have also included a rating system so that you can rate your transactions here on Freight-Match.

Freight-Match is designed to be easy to use and understand. The system is intuitive and efficient thanks to simple and logical information management. You and your team will be able to come up to speed quickly.  If there are any issues or questions, customer support is always happy to help.

We invite you to REGISTER and use our platform free for 30 days.

Freight-Match is currently available in more than 70 countries…….

England Scotland Ireland
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