For Carriers

It Works Like This….

As a carrier, Freight-Match gives you the ability to search the site for cargo to fill excess capacity on your route. You are able to find available loads by applying various types of filters such as: type of cargo, truck required; origin and destination cities, and by payment method and amount. When you find the cargo that matches your requirements, you simply contact the customer and arrange the pickup and delivery. No need to spend your time bidding.

Freight-Match is much more than a load board, our services do not end there. After contacting the customer through our platform, you will receive a pickup order complete with origin, destination and cargo description and any other applicable information. You can also update the status of the load from the moment of pickup, during transport and until the moment the cargo is delivered. This allows you and the customer the ability to organize and automate your contract. We also give you the ability to send payment requests reminders and the ability to update the payment status as received or pending.

Freight-Match also gives you the ability to post your trucks location and its available space. So that shippers and brokers can locate the closest available truck to negotiate transport. Keep in mind that all information in our system is encrypted and is not available to the general public. The information about your trucks location can only be viewed by registered and confirmed members of Freight-Match, all of which have accepted our terms of use.

We also offer at no extra charge, a maintenance module. We know how difficult and complicated it can become controlling costs and managing the maintenance of your trucks. So we’ve created tools to help you take control of your maintenance. Our maintenance module will allow you to keep a record of various forms of information such as, maintenance alarms, work orders, scheduled maintenance, fuel consumption and performance statistics and expenses of each unit.