LTL/FTL Freight Brokers

It Works Like This….

Freight-Match allows you to integrate your cargo operations directly with your carrier partners. Pallets, containers, LTL, FTL, HAZMAT, industrial and general cargo, our system allows you to eliminate a desk full of papers or trying to fix corrupt spreadsheets by dispatching your cargo online. You will easily be able to search for open truck space to move your cargo quickly. All you will need to do is post the cargo description, origin, destination and the fair amount to be paid for shipping.

The carriers will contact you directly if they are interested in your particular shipment. Keep in mind that Freight-Match is not the transport company, but the facilitation point between you and thousands of LTL / FTL carriers prepared to offer you transport for your customers cargo. In addition, we provide access to license and insurance information, a rating system and an online dispatching system with record keeping to make shipping your cargo easier.

Another very important function of our platform is that is allows you to locate trucks on routes that match your published cargo. This will show you carriers that are already in place and have the required equipment to move your cargo. You will be able to contact them directly saving you time on searching or in most cases WAITING to hear from a carrier. Using Freight-Match is one of the best decisions you can make for your brokerage.